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Whether you need a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair on a heating or cooling unit, we are available to handle all your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. We continually strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that each client receives the very best service and quality they deserve. Our team of professionals provide quality service from start to finish. We are available 24/7 - 365 ready when you need us.

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Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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Signs you may want to call a Sun Up Services Expert

A properly functioning air conditioner is a must-have in Florida. Heating & cooling systems also help keep your indoor air free of dust, providing everyone with clean air. Here are some warning signs that it may be time for you to call one of our expert HVAC technicians to look at your heating and air conditioning unit.


Increasing energy bills are your first warning that your HVAC system is working too hard and burning too much energy. You may need a repair, or it could be time for a replacement to a more energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner.


Have you noticed a burning odor or unusual noises whenever your unit cycles on and off? Safety is one of Sun Up Services core value, we offer to you a no obligation estimate. We are ready when you need us. 


If your system isn’t producing consistent hot or cold air the way it used to, you could have anything from a clogged coil to a loose fan belt or dead motor. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have our HVAC repair experts look at it!


You should not see any signs of condensation on your heating or cooling unit. If moisture is present, you could have leaky ductwork or broken parts. You should turn it off immediately and call 727-522-2288 to schedule a service appointment with our Sun Up Experts.

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Air Conditioning and Heating Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Don’t leave your Air Conditioning and Heating care and maintenance in the hands of just any company. Sun Up Services is a trusted service provider that’s been handling air conditioning and heating systems in Tampa for over 40 years. Our technicians have completed (NATE) North American Technician Excellence training and certification. Sun Up technicians can repair nearly every brand of equipment, and we provide 24/- 365 emergency service for serious situations.

If it is time to replace your heat pump or air conditioner. We offer complete AC installation services for new homes, replacement systems, mini-split systems or retrofit applications.

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Furnace Service & Repair 

Do you need a new heater? If it is time to replace your heat pump or your worried about an older pilot-light furnaces safety or efficiency or your repair costs and utility bills keep rising or you have recurring problems and or repairs, contact your Sun Up experts today.

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Duct Work Design, Repair and Replacement

​Ductwork importance is vital to the energy efficiency, performance, and durability of your air conditioning system. The duct system delivers the air that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

If your home seems uncomfortable or your air conditioning system seems to always be running, air flowing from your homes vents isn’t as hot or cold as it used to be, or if you are experiencing hot and cold spaces around your home, could there a problem with your ductwork.

Our experts perform duct leakage performance tests to identify and diagnose improper outflow problems. With the results of these performance tests, our technicians can identify, seal, and repair potential leaks or vulnerabilities in your air ducts.

An improperly designed ductwork systems can cost money through inefficiencies, and in some cases, cause premature failure of heating and cooling equipment. This means that your home's ductwork system is just as important as the equipment used to heat and cool your home. At Sun Up Services we hold ourselves to our core values of service excellence, integrity and safety. Our HVAC technicians serve our customers with genuine humility when we design, repair or replacement your ductwork our customers know they are receiving quality work done the right way.

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Air Quality Service

Do you have allergies, asthma or any other condition that requires you to have quality indoor air? Our experts design systems to include ventilation, filtration, dehumidification, and UV lights. Air Quality that is less than par can aggravate the symptoms of those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

Signs You May Need to Improve your Air Quality

If you’re worried about your indoor air quality, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you determine if it’s time to make improvements to your indoor air quality for your health:

  • Excessive Amounts of Dust – Thick coatings of dust inside your HVAC system indicate that it’s not circulating your system’s airflow properly. First, we suggest changing your filter. If excessive amounts of dust remain an issue, it may be time to have your system professionally inspected and tested for indoor air quality.

  • HVAC System Inefficiencies – If you’ve noticed inconsistent indoor temperatures or issues with humidity inside your home, we suggest an indoor air quality test.

  • Unusual Odors –If you notice an unusual odor that does not seem to go away, it may be time to inspect your HVAC system to see if the problem can be fixed.

  • Respiratory Health Issues – Many people don’t know they have poor indoor air quality until their health begins to suffer. If you’ve experienced chronic coughing, sneezing, headaches, or congestion, you could have mold or allergens present in your home or business. An installed air purification system could help you breathe easier at night.

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Benefits of our Preventative Maintenance Programs and Service Club Membership

By keeping your central A/C and Heating system in top working order with annual maintenance, you could cut your monthly energy cost by about 25% and reduce breakdowns by as much as 95%!

Preventive maintenance is the best investment you can make to maximize your HVAC equipment’s performance and longevity. Every customer who enrolls in our maintenance service program receives semi-annual visits in the spring and winter preseason from one of our NATE certified technicians. We also perform a wide array of critical inspections, tests, and calibrations in your home designed to expose hidden problems and restore lost efficiency.

Our Service Club is set up to provide our customers with exactly what they need- service. Other AC companies sell inspection-based packages that leave customers paying for hidden fees and maintenance that they thought was covered and wasn’t. The Sun Up Service Club is a tune-up and service-related agreement.

When Sun Up Service comes for their semi-annual checkup of your heating and cooling systems, our HVAC technician perform tune-up and performance tasks ensuring that your systems continue to run smoothly. We provide our customers with peace of mind you always wanted when it comes to your HVAC systems. We offer a service club to fit all our customers’ needs. Our maintenance agreements also include priority dispatching. You are able to cut the line during peak season and ensure that a HVAC technician is at your house without delay. Club members are able eligible for discounts on repairs, so that you can get cool quickly and affordably. For more information, please call us at 727-522-2288 or review our service club plans.

Cooling & Heat Pump Systems

  • Check condenser coil

  • Check evaporator coil

  • Check blower motor

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Check temperature and pressures

  • Check thermostat for proper operation

  • Check emergency shut offs

  • Check controls and safety devices

  • Check capacitors

  • Check condensate drain

  • Check relays and contactors for proper operation

  • Check ductwork

  • Check proper amperage of all motors

  • Check air flow

Heating Systems

  • Check flue pipe

  • Check the inducer and blower motors

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Check safety switch and controls

  • Check pilot assembly

  • Check temperature and pressures

  • Check thermostat for proper operation

  • Check drain lines

  • Check emergency shut offs

  • Check gas valve

  • Check air flow

  • Check duct work

  • Check proper amperage and voltage of system

  • Check air flow



- Labor performed on service calls will be charged regular rate less 10%.
- All materials and new equipment will be charged at regular rate less 10%.
- All refrigerants will be charged at regular rate less 10%.
- Trip charge
- A club membership discount will be applied to the one (1) free service call for the full amount of the service call fee (repair not included).

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If you’re unsure about whether or not you can afford to fix your HVAC, we are here to help. No matter how big or how small your HVAC repair is, we have the right financing plan for you.

Please feel free to contact our team of experienced technicians with any questions or concerns you may have for us regarding the financing process for our home services. We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.

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